The Significance of Audience Overlap Tool in Digital Marketing

by DM Web Solution

If you own an e-commerce website, you will be aware of the importance of SEO and digital marketing. Unlike most people think, marketing is not rocket science. However, the behavior of your customers can be. Hence, it is significant to rely on a credible online marketing company to increase customer traffic to your site as well as to boost up the sales. You can employ a number of tactics and tools to figure out the choice of your potential customers.

Still, it will be challenging to predict some factors that influence their actions at times. Thankfully, you can nail this task by checking the present customer insights and optimize your marketing campaign in the right way. Of course, you can collect several invaluable and trivial data from your customer traffic, but can you figure out other potential factors? For instance, the magazines that can target your prospective customers, the substitutes that your customers may consider, etc.

Audience Overlap Tool

Fortunately, you can achieve this objective by employing the audience overlap tool. It shows a graphical representation of the percentage of users who tend to visit different websites related to your field. You can check up to 5 websites like this and take the necessary steps to meet your business goals. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the potential ways to understand audience overlap so that you can determine marketing insights to flourish your business.

Get Marketing Ideas from the Least Evident Competitors

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Audience Overlap Tool

Premium brands barely compete with the mass market. Hence, rather than checking the audience overlap between two similar high-end brands, it will be better to compare different types of brands that can be connected in some way. For instance, consider a clothing brand and an online food website. This will not only give you an idea about the choices of your customers but also opens a whole new avenue for you to plan your marketing campaign.

Collaborate with a Broader Range of Partners

As mentioned above, when you check the audience overlap between entirely different product categories, you may find it hard to figure out the logic behind their choices. One of the most common overlaps that you can see in the online industry is among cosmetic, clothing, food websites and Netflix subscription. Even though none of these options are interchangeable, all of these options are ideal to choose as a perfect holiday gift for a woman.

Furthermore, you can choose potential partners to collaborate with depending on the percentage of overlapping in this case. Note that you can easily lift your profit margin by providing additional offers to your customers such as dinner at a popular restaurant, tickets to a music concert, etc.

Published: July 11, 2019