4 Reasons Why Blogging is Important in SEO

by DM Web Solution

There are several simple and easy ways to improve your ranking on the search engine result pages. Blogging is one of those things; although usually overlooked, it has great potential to increase your website rankings in Google and other search engines. Below are 4 reasons how blogging helps SEO.

Blogging Keeps your Website Updated

If you visit a website and find out that the information published on it has not been updated in a long time, you will naturally lose trust in them. This is why it is crucial to stay updated. Besides, Google tries to keep its users posted with the latest information. So its algorithms are designed to index the websites that are constantly updated and alive with new posts.

Note that it is not possible to keep changing the layout of your home page often. The only information that can be constantly refreshed is the blog posts. Hence, it is always wiser to add new blogs to your website on a regular basis to improve on your SEO efforts.

Blogs Keep Users on a Web Page Longer

A user that visits a page with very less information is likely to leave quickly. On the other hand, if a site has a lot of information to offer, the visitor is likely to stay there and stay engaged longer. Remember that popular search engines like Google take note of the time a user stays on a website after clicking it in the search results. This counts in the way the search engine rates a web page. Therefore, the information provided in the form of blogs matters a lot in getting better ranks from an SEO perspective.

Aim for Long Tail Keywords by Blogging

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Since most major brands are ranked on top, it is better for the smaller brands to look for the longer, more specific keywords to get a better ranking on the SERPs. If they can rank well in more niche specific searches, it means they are reaching the target audience. This has proven to be highly beneficial for the blooming brands.

Blogging Paves the Way for Internal Linking

Having links on your website from one page to another is one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO performance. Blogs give you ample opportunities to insert internal links to your home page or a specific product/service page.

In fact, internal linking plays a key factor in the success of a website. When you post blogs on a regular basis, the chances to have internal links multiplies. Even if the blogs are written on different topics, you will easily find ways to include connecting links between pages.

Published: November 16, 2018