9 Things Every Winning Landing Page Has

by DM Web Solution

As any online marketing company worth its salt could tell you, a landing page with a high conversion rate combined with competent SEO tactics can net highly lucrative returns. Getting such a page set up takes focusing beyond what simply “looks good”, and delivering the exact experience that customers are looking for, if not something better.

High-converting landing pages fall in a confusingly wide range, differing in terms of calls to action, target readers, products marketed, and niches sold to. The variations are usually mind-boggling, but they can be distilled into a few unifying elements that all successful landing pages have in common.

A Catchy Headline

This is meant to grab attention right off the bat. It clearly and concisely states what the service or product is all about, so that the visitor does not feel they are wasting time. This is why every SEO company stresses on including a good headline.

A Convincing Subhead

This element should convince the visitor that looking around is a good idea. It is normally placed right under the main headline, and goes a bit more deeply into the page topic.


Visual content can pack quite the wallop in terms of getting your point across, simply because the human brain processes it a lot faster than it does text. Large, attractive, and relevant images can notably expedite the conversion process.

A Useful Explanation

Each visitor wants a clear idea of what you are offering. If they cannot get this, it is simple enough for them to seek and find another website, selling something they instantly recognize and want.

A Reminder of the Loss They Could Be Avoiding

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Important Landing Page Tips

People are constantly tuned into the mindset of averting losses and ensuing regrets, so use that to rope in potential customers. Phrase your message to make each visitor understand exactly what gains would be forfeit, by not doing business with you.

A Mention of Pleasure

Expound on the pleasure your product can bring. This can include trendiness, respect, vibrancy, security, and fulfillment.

Multiple Methods of Contact

Let people know your business is legit. Lay out more than one way for them to get in touch – phone number, physical address, email address, contact form, etc.

A Guarantee

A simple, solid reassurance can go a long way. If not an explicit product guarantee, provide surety of something similar, such as “No Spam”.

A Compelling Call to Action

This is the most important thing on a landing page. Effectiveness of your calls to action decides how useful the content mentioned above has really been.

Published: November 23, 2018