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DM Web Solution builds you websites that work great on your smartphone, tablet, and all other devices. We believe that your website is your storefront and presentation is everything. Trust the experts at DM Web Solution for your next project.

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Website Design & Development Process

We build you clean, fully responsive websites, landing pages, e-commerce sites, portfolio sites and more to help bring your vision to life. Trust the experts at DM Web Solution with your next project.

Discovery & Strategy Phase

This phase involves setting up a detailed plan for your website, with regard to intended goals, target audience, and competition in the online and business spheres.

With a clear diagram that tells us how to proceed, it becomes easier to ensure the best results are achieved. Not every business has the exact same goals in mind when it comes to the website’s operation. Yours probably needs a few things focused on exclusively, and we can help you decide which. We can help you put together your intended demographic using great user experience, set up on a customized platform that is easy for you to use.

Content Creation

DM Web Solution has a team of expert content writers who know exactly how to turn a bland web page into one that captures customers from a sea of visitors. This involves high-level content, which is appropriate, pertinent, engaging and useful. Our writing team is well versed in the nuances of presentation, especially through short eye-catching titles and captivating blog posts.

Creative Design

Your website needs an overall layout, which includes a home page, landing pages, and inner pages. There may even be specialty pages required by your industry, as well as product listings and checkout pages. We will create you mockups that help you see through the eyes of your audience, and interact with the website in the ways they would get to. Pages are designed to be fully responsive and mobile friendly so that they can be loaded and browsed comfortably on any browsing device.

Coding & Development

After the initial mockups have been approved and ready to go, we get started with the development phase. All developmental activities are carried out on our servers alone, which means the changes would only reflect on your website after all the work is done. Meanwhile, you get to kick back and relax.

Quality Assurance

After completing the website’s development, we review it for any needed changes or tweaks. You can access this yourself through a link we provide, and tell us what you think. Every component of the site gets tested for consistency before we add the finishing touches. All that remains to get your website up and running is the launch itself.

Launch & Optimization

After making absolutely sure that the website is exactly the way you want it, we transfer it over to your server, and point your domain to it. Anyone who wants to search for your business online would see the completed website, and you can then start growing your online presence.

After this comes the marketing side of things, which involves pulling and driving traffic towards your brand new website, in order to acquire more sales and leads!

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